Fast-growing Houston waste disposal co. eyes further acquisitions, expansions

Following a new acquisition earlier this month, Houston-based American AllWaste LLC will continue to make M&A a major part of its growth strategy.

The company provides liquid waste disposal, sewer infrastructure cleaning and inspection and composting services. It has expanded its reach and services into Austin and Beaumont, Texas, and the company has additional operations in Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee.

American AllWaste’s most recent growth came through its acquisition of L&G Environmental LLC, a non-hazardous liquid waste processing facility based in Brenham, Texas. AllWaste purchased the L&G facility to help service its existing operations in Houston and Central Texas, the firm announced March 8.

The L&G deal marked AllWaste’s sixth acquisition since the company’s founding in 2018. In late 2020, AllWaste announced the acquisition of Austin-based Walker Aero Enterprises LLC and its affiliates, including JV Dirt & Loam, Daisy Works and Sheridan Environmental. The Walker Aero deal expanded AllWaste’s processing, transportation and composting capabilities in Austin and Central Texas, said AllWaste CEO Darrell Rogers.

Kevin Charlton, chairman at AllWaste and co-chairman of its holding company, NewHold Enterprises, said that M&A will continue to play a part of AllWaste’s growth going forward. AllWaste aims to expand its presence in the southern United States and the Gulf Coast region.

“We’d really like to get into Dallas, San Antonio, Atlanta, Charlotte (North Carolina) and then some select cities here and there,” Charlton said.

Rogers said that the AllWaste typically looks for vertically integrated operations with both transportation and disposal capabilities as potential acquisition targets. The quality of the management team, the nature of the company’s work, its customer base and customer concentration are each vetted, he said. But AllWaste also looks for growth-oriented, business-friendly markets for expansions.

“Obviously, where we’ve started out in Texas and Tennessee (are) two high-growth states. Between Austin and Nashville, (we’re in) two of the fastest-growing cities in the country,” Rogers said. “We’re certainly going to look at those factors as well, in addition to the company itself.”

Each one of AllWaste’s acquisitions have added employees to the company’s headcount, but the firm has also grown organically. AllWaste has about 200 employees, including roughly 130 based in Texas, about 70 of whom are based in the Houston metro region. Ultimately, AllWaste aims to grow its headcount further .

“We’re growing at a double-digit pace in most of our markets, and we’re looking to acquire talent that comes in,” said Robert Schima, CFO at AllWaste. “Typically, it’s going to be drivers or plant operators or helpers.”

The company operates within three different segments of waste, said CEO Darrell Rogers. Commercial waste, which could include anything from restaurant grease trap waste to carwash grit trap waste to lint trap waste, accounts for around a quarter of AllWaste’s business. The municipal segment — the biggest portion of AllWaste’s business — services wastewater treatment plants and sewers for municipalities. The third segment encompasses industrial, which can include working with manufacturing facilities, commercial food producers or landfills.

American AllWaste is headquartered at 12141 Wickchester Lane in Houston’s Energy Corridor.

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