American AllWaste Capabilities

American AllWaste LLC, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries (Wastewater Transport Services and Sewer and Storm Maintenance), is an end to end provider of
sewer infrastructure services, specializing in non-hazardous liquid waste transportation and processing, sanitary and storm sewer cleaning, fiber optic sewer main and lateral inspection and lift station maintenance. We possess one of the newest fleets in our industry including vacuum bobtail and transport trucks (sizes range from 50 bbl to 165 bbl). Our fleet also includes Vactors (combination units) for sewer cleaning and hydro-excavation and Aries main line and lateral fiber-optic inspection equipment. Further, we are unique in our industry as we possess our own fully-permitted, proprietary disposal facilities in all markets (Houston, Austin and Beaumont) which allow us to provide services with assured disposal, 24/7. With current operations in Houston, Austin, and Beaumont, Texas, we anticipate future growth in key Texas markets and throughout the Southern United States.

Among the most requested services of American AllWaste are non-hazardous liquid waste removal and disposal, sanitary and storm sewer cleaning services, main line and lateral utility inspections (including cross-bore inspections) and lift station maintenance services. We handle both scheduled, routine services as well as emergencies. We have equipment and personnel on-call, 24/7 in all markets.

Consolidated Outline of Services

  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Transportation and Disposal
  • Bio-Solids Transportation and Disposal
  • Bio-Solids Composting

  • Survey, clean and video of sanitary and storm sewer lines

  • Pre-rehabilitation (clean and video) of sanitary and storm sewer lines

  • Post-video of sanitary and storm sewer lines

  • Heavy mechanical cleaning of sanitary and storm sewer lines

  • Sanitary and storm sewer line bypass

  • Hydro-excavation for utility services

  • Lateral line surveys

  • Cross-bore inspections

  • Sanitary and stormwater removal and disposal

  • Lift station maintenance and emergency services

Our Services

Utilizing our own equipment and personnel, we can address most any liquid waste handling need. We are a vertically integrated operator who possesses our own proprietary pre-treatment (disposal) facilities which are permitted and licensed by state and local authorities.

Non-hazardous liquid waste removal and disposal

We perform scheduled services for all types of commercial food service operators. We handle the service, manifesting, legal disposal and reporting to take the burden off the customer.

Grease Trap Collection And Cleaning

We handle both wet and dry hauling of municipal sludge. We have a diverse fleet that can handle any need, large or small. On site dewatering services are also available.

Municipal Sludge Services

We provide a tremendous amount of waste hauling for solid waste landfills to ensure they remain in compliance with state and local authorities.

Leachate Services

From car washes to auto dealer make-ready departments, we provide scheduled vacuum truck services to ensure compliance and uninterrupted operations.

Grit Trap Services

Utilizing a robust fleet of late-model Vactors, we can handle the cleaning of virtually any diameter pipe, whether sanitary or storm sewer infrastructure.

Sanitary And Storm Sewer Cleaning

Whether public or private property, it is a certainty that, without proper routine maintenance, lift station equipment will fail. We provide scheduled lift station cleaning and inspections to ensure proper, sustained performance.

Lift station maintenance

Whether for municipalities, utility companies or private industry, we can provide lateral video inspections, including cross-bore detection of virtually any underground infrastructure.

Sewer and Storm Video Inspection

Non-destructive hydro-excavation services for exposing utilities, potholing/daylighting, piling hole excavation, slot trenching, remote digging and debris removal are available.

Hydro-excavation Services

Our licensed and permitted disposal facilities are utilized by both our own service operations as well as third-party service companies who are in need of disposal for their customer waste streams.